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About Divine Dental Clinic

"Our willingness is not only providing dental treatment, but also being part of your family through customizing education for each of you in oral health and hygiene."

We are a group of specialist dentists who each of us has experiences on their own expertise. Supported with our qualified education and practices in various well-known dental clinics, we have been shaping up and update our skill and knowledge with applied courses, abroad, and local-professional.

Together with our team, qualified equipment, and updated technology, we are happy to provide you with the best quality services and welcoming you as our family. We also put attention in international standard of sterilization and hygiene.

Divine Dental Clinic's Vision

The vision of Divine Dental Clinic is originated from the feeling of care about You and Yours

Our commitment, making your smile brighter as well for your love ones

Each patient or You, are special